What is Ten Thunder?

We’re a creative production house built on imagination and quality. We believe in dreaming and creating content that we would like to see.

Are you accepting new projects today?

100% yes. Excited to get in touch.

So what exactly do you guys do?

We create amazing projects ranging from simple to complex, from startups explainers, commercials, narrative mini documentaries, company promos, YouTube videos, branding content, Instagram GIFs, product photography, portraits, business presentations, to online product videos and company events coverage. More importantly we handle the entire creative and production process from start to finish in house. We have assembled a talented team that can handle any challenges. This, in turn, saves your money. You will not find a higher quality company for our prices to create your vision with complete professionalism. This can range from a few thousand to over an hundred thousand.

You keep saying We’re and We and so on?

Ten Thunder is an elite small roster of artists, producers and camera techs. Depending on the scope of the project, WE shoot our X beacon to the sky and assemble the dream team of talented creatives. Our Director and lead cinematographer is @lorefave

Why should I hire you?

For one if you’re new to production we’ll help guide you through the entire process. From the creative (concepts) to production (capturing) to post production (assembling) to distribution (sharing).

Making awesome content that exceeds expectations doesn’t just happen. It requires some serious brain CPU. We’ve got you covered. We’re nimble navigators with over 15yrs experience in the arena. Super-bowl commercial quality for startup pricing. You’ll have all your roles covered. We build the perfect team to fit the project and help craft content to reach your ideal audience.

Previous clients: Microsoft, Intel, DJI, McAfee, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Xbox the list goes on and publications onwards too The Verge, VEVO, Business Insider, Kotaku, CNN…

Essentially we make content people want to see, but equally importantly we’re fun to work with!


No. You’d be surprised how much money you can save when you cut out the middle man from the traditional production model. With a handpicked small team, no fancy offices, and working directly with clients, we can keep our production costs goes down. We save you money without compromising quality.

What if I'm an agency?

Funny seeing you here 😉 Some of our favorite projects have been with you. We’ve worked with you on campaigns for airlines and others, helping to bring your budget further that other cinematographers, editors, photographers, and/or producers would. We’ve come in the final quarter when you’re down two touchdowns to win the game by supplying last minute stock footage to save the edit. We absolutely love collaborating with an agencies’ creative team. Saves us some imagination headaches. We’ll be the first to show up and the last to leave set.  You’ll be happy you worked with us.

Yeah but really what do you cost?

Depends. Our projects range from a few thousand to over a hundred thousand. It does cost real money, but not quite a billion. Although if you’re doing something bad ass for the environment and don’t have anything to spare, we’d love to chat about that as well. We’re passionate people and love to feed our spirits. Contact us today and we’ll share what we can do within your budget.

Who do you work with?

From small indie developers to fortune 500 companies, we produce top tier content for startup prices. We prefer clients who stand behind their company’s mission, who are passionate in their own product and who trust in our creative collaboration. Our favorite people to work with are risk takers, entrepreneurs, great communicators, and people willing to think outside the box. We love great ideas/products and the people/companies that create them.

What have you done in the Past?

We’ve created the #1 US App Store book called “Treehouses of the Pacific Northwest” a full documentary on treehouses. We even helped create the pilot for the hit TV show Treehouse Masters on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

We’ve created viral advertisements for products with millions of views and music videos with VEVO with over 60+ million views.

We’re also guilty of creating the ads on YouTube you want to skip. However I must say most of our content does quite well with analytics.

Speaking of YouTube….we’ve helped start channels with 0 subs and in less than a year turned them in 500k+ subscribers.

What do previous clients say about us?

“This is by far the best story-telling that has been done….I know I’ve said this before, but I just want to reiterate that all the hard work your team put into the whole package really shows, and is much appreciated. This is the kind of storytelling piece we’ve dreamed about over the years, but have not able to achieve. Beyond the audience communication piece, this will also help us elevate and position our work more broadly in the industry. Very Grateful.” -Matt Bennett- Microsoft

Do I need to be on camera?

Do you want to be on camera? No, you don’t have to be. We’re well connected with the top acting and modeling agencies and can easily get the right person for your style. We’re also connected with some of the top makeup artists to help get you all purdy for camera if you so choose. So either way, whether you need talent or you and some friends want to be in front of the camera, we’ve got you covered.

I only need a few photos and gifs, not a huge multimedia extravaganza. Can you do this?

100%. We take small jobs too. We love building relationships and small projects are a great place to start. Plus as a bonus if we get done early we can take some fun cool photos for your personal Instagram. Get in contact with us.

Where are you based?

We’re based in the Seattle Area, but work everywhere. In the past year we’ve produced content in Italy, England, Iceland, Panama, Costa Rica, Canada, Los Angeles, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and San Francisco.

What about this treehouse I see all over Instagram?

Aha! We built this place as our creative go to meeting spot. (Also as a way to step away from a screen for a minute) There isn’t a better spot to get inspired then in the treehouse. If you’re in the Seattle area and looking to create, come over and lets grab a cold brew coffee or beer in the trees and build something together….and yes we do have a regular office too.

How soon can you start?

Riiiiiiiight now. Send us an email. We get back to you quicker than you’d think.

What do I need to say in the email? Should I have everything planned?

If you have a goal in mind, that’s what we’d love to hear, as well as an idea of the timeline and budget you have solve this. The more you have planned out the better, the more productive our initial meeting will be. However we’re here to help (we even made a helpful questionnaire on our contact page) so whether you have a mapped out vision or are fresh to the production world, we’re here for you find the right creative idea.


WOW you actually read down this far! Now I have 2 questions for you… How did you find out about us? What sparked wanting to work with us? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you faster than you’d think.
Also feel free to connect direct with us here @lorefave